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​IEP Deadlines

Deadlines are important in special education, but the good news is that the school has to follow them as well!

The idea behind the timelines is to make sure that your child's needs are addressed in a timely fashion and nobody drops the ball. 

There is one difference between the deadlines for the parents and the timelines for the schools:  for the parents, days are calendar days; for the schools, days are school days.  Thanks to the IDEA for that idea!


If the school determines to evaluate your child for special education services, they must send you a consent form within five days.

There is no deadline on you to sign the consent form. You may request that you receive copies of the assessments.

The school must have the assessments done within thirty days from receipt of your consent.

A team meeting must be held within forty-five days from receipt of your consent.  If you requested copies of the assessments, they must be given to you no later than two days before the team meeting.  The IEP must be given to you within three to five days, if requested (or, if you were given notes of the meeting, within 10 days).

You have thirty days from the date of the team meeting to decide whether or not to accept the school's proposals.  It is wise to try to resolve any issues before this deadline.  You must sign the IEP form, stating your agreement or identifying your disagreements, and return it to the school within thirty days from the IEP meeting.

If you submit your own evaluations and assessments to the school, or an independent assessment is performed, the school must have a meeting within ten days of receiving them to consider amending or rewriting the IEP.