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Transition Planning and Services

Transition planning and services are provided to students with disabilities to prepare the child for adulthood.  Students are given assistance in college or vocational planning, developing goals and obtaining work while in high school.  Once the student qualifies to receive transitional assistance, it must be included in the IEP.

What is transitional planning?

Transitional planning begins no later than at age 14.  The focus of the planning is on making course choices at child's school that will help fulfill the child's educational and vocational goals.

What are transitional services?

Transitional services are services outside the classroom and include areas such as training, adult services, higher education, community involvement, and independent living.  Transitional services must be provided to students with disabilities beginning no later than age 16.

Here is a PDF copy of the Transition Planning Form:  Transition Planning Form.pdf  .

The Disabilities Law Center, along with several other organizations, has written a Transition Services Online Manual.   The 2012 edition is found on their website here:  Manual​  .